Basket of Roses, Northwood   Updated 11/26/2013
Often confused with Fenton's Wreath of Roses, this is the rare one. You can confirm by checking the back pattern--this one has Northwood's basketweave. Shown are the more common stippled version on the left, and the unstippled (shown from the opposite side, so the pattern appears slightly different), both bringing about the same price. Purple is found more often than marigold.

Amethyst/purple, unstippled, 165, 225 (both 2007), 95 (2013)

Amethyst/purple, stippled, 210 (2010), 200, 260 (both 2012), 140 (2013)

Marigold, unstippled, 250 (2010)

Marigold, stippled, 350 (2008), 155 (2010)