Beaded Stars, Fenton   Updated 7/14/2015

Beaded Stars was an early Carnival pattern. It consists of 6 six-pointed stars made of beads on the exterior of the pieces. Shown at left top are a bowl, below that a plate and rosebowl.


Marigold, 10-20

Sauce, 5 1/2-inch

Marigold, 65 (2013)

Card tray

Marigold, 5 (1999)

Plates, 9 inches

Marigold, 90 (1995), 155 (1998)


Marigold, 10-20

Who would have thought that such a pedestrian pattern would ever have been made in anything but marigold, but sure enough, here's one in aqua opalescent. It sold on eBay in 2007 for $293.