Bells and Beads, Dugan   Updated 12/4/2014
This pattern, found only in six to seven-inch ruffled, tricorner and crimped bowls is sometimes referred to as Bellflower--perhaps a better name as the design has small bell-shaped flowers. I have records of only bowls in amethyst/purple and peach opal selling, but Carl O. Burns, in his book on Dugan & Diamond, reports cards trays, compotes, and nappies as well as marigold and oxblood and a very rare green.


Amethyst/purple, 40-60

Amethyst/purple, Souvenir Iron Mountain Mich,
   270 (2012)

Amethyst/purple, tricorner, 140, 275 (both 2012),
   90, 150 (both 2013), 119 (2014)

Peach opal, 25-40

Peach opal, tricorner, 25 (2011), 35 (2013),
   25, 50 (both 2014)

White opal, 275 (2012)

This is the first piece of Bells and Beads I've heard of in white. Not only that, but it has an opalescent edge and is in the scarce tricorner crimped shape. It sold at auction in 2012 for $275. Photo courtesy of Mickey Reichel Auctions.