Blackberry Banded, Fenton   Updated 12/5/2014

Kandis Richmond sent me this photo of her Blackberry Banded hat. What's unusual about it? It's in amethyst, a color I'd not seen in the pattern before.
Similar to Fenton's Blackberry Spray. This one has a ring of vertical lines and additional berries on the interior. These never bring much of a price, despite the fact that they are much more rare than the Blackberry Spray--for every one of these that sell at auction, 15 of the Blackberry Spray do.

Hat, ruffled

Blue, 10-20

Green, 45 (1998)

Marigold, 10-15

Marigold on moonstone, 90 (2013)

White, 50, 85, 105 (all 2005), 85 (2008), 195 (2009)

Hats, square (4 sides up)

Amethyst, 35 (2010)

Blue, 10-15