Butterfly Ornaments, Fenton   Updated 11/18/2011

These are the old Fenton butterfly ornaments. They have a wingspan of three inches and, as can be seen, are much more delicate than the newer ones. It's been suggested that they were given away at the factory when a purchase was made. About 40 of these are known in seven colors: aqua, blue, marigold, green, ice blue, ice green, and white. Marigold seem to outnumber the others.

Butterfly ornaments

Aqua, 2,200 (2002)

Blue, 1,600 (2007), 725 (2008), 1,900 (2011)

Marigold, 1,000 (2009), 700 (2010), 750, 850, 1,500, 2,000 (all 2011)