Cosmos and Cane Rarities, U.S. Glass

Among the Cosmos and Cane rarities and whimsies are these four items (although many shapes in the pattern are quite rare). At the left is an unusual oval platter in marigold, possibly made from the bottom of a butter dish. It is 11 1/2 inches long and almost 8 inches wide and is the only one I know of. Courtesy of Ken and Bev Osbon.
Above left is one of two known plates, both in honey amber. As they measure between 10 1/2 and 11 inches, they can be considered chop plates. I have record of two having sold recently though I don't know if the sales were of two differet ones or one that sold twice: $625 in 1996 and $600 in 2001. Courtesy of Dean and Diane Fry. Above right is a volcano whimsey in purple, courtesy of Bruce Hill. At left is one of two known white ladies spittoons, made from a small berry dish. It sold for $4,750 in 2000. Another sold in 2011 for $3,000.

Cosmos and Cane