Geometric Patterns in Carnival Glass, page 3
Long Hobstar Bowls Lucile Pitchers, tumblers Majestic Tumblers
Marilyn Pitchers, tumblers Massachusetts Tumblers Memphis Punch sets, bowls
Near Cut, Cambridge Creamers, tumblers, mugs Nearcut, Northwood Goblets, pitchers, tumblers Octagon Pitchers, tumblers, table sets, others
Oklahoma Tumblers Omnibus Tumblers Pineapple and Fan Wine sets
Potpourri Pitchers Quartered Block Creamers Rose Window Pitchers
Royalty Punch set pieces Slewed Horseshoe (Iittala Peacock) Bowls Snow Fancy Berry sets, table sets
Split Diamonds Table set pieces Starburst Bowls, rosebowls, tumblers, creamers, vases Star and Fan Cordial sets, vases
Star and File Many shapes Star Medallion Many shapes States Table set pieces, bowls

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