High Hob, Westmoreland
According to Dorothy Taylor, the water sets were made for Levay in 1975 in purple. There were also a covered sugar, spooner, and butter dish. In 1976 the water set was made in blue opal and in 1977 pink and iridized purple slag. The pieces are not seen too often. The blue opal tumbler sold at auction in 1999 for $27.50; tumblers tend to sell in the $15 to $25 range. In 2004, a purple pitcher and one tumbler sold for $45. In 2000, a butter dish listed as green sold for $10. Others:

Water sets, 7 pieces
Blue opal, 65 (2013)
Green opal, 90 (2013)
Purple slag, 70 (2014)

Pitcher, 1 tumbler
Green opal, 30 (2013)

Butter dish
Purple, 25 (2014)