Loganberry Reissues, Imperial
These 10-inch vases on the left were made from the original molds by Imperial and it's successor companies. Shown here are pink (marked LIG), green (IG), and ice green (LIG). Also known are marigold, helios, purple, amber, and smoke. In addition to the Imperial mark, the new vases can be distinguished from the old by their ruffled tops. On the right is the small vase, about 6 1/2 inches tall. These are found in the Aurora Jewels (cobalt) shown as well as ice green and white. Both sizes are referred to as Loganberry, so make sure you know which you are buying.
Amber, 25 (2014), 35 (2015)
Green, 20 (2014), 25 (2015)
Ice blue, 30 (2014)
Ice green, 20 (2014)
Marigold, 25 (2014)
Pink, 35 (2012)
Purple, 25 (2012), 80 (2014)
Smoke, 30-50
White, 20 (2012), 25, 30 (both 2014)
These, regardless of color, can be found in the $15 to $20 range on eBay. Unbelievably, a cobalt example went for $355 (yes, $355) on eBay in 2004.

Loganberry classic