Pacific Coast Mail Order, Fenton
Known in both marigold and blue (a handful of examples of each), these fruit bowls are based on Fenton's Grape and Cable fruit bowls that have a plain interior. The complete lettering reads "Compliments of Pacific Coast Mail Order House, Los Angeles."

Fruit bowls

Blue, 3,300 (2008), 3,600 (2010), 5,750 (2017)

Blue, crack, 325, 425 (2012)

Marigold, 2,500 (2005), 2,000 (2009), 3,250 (2017)

Updated 7/30/2017

This blue example, from the collection of Judy Maxwell, sold at the 2008 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association convention auction for $3,300. It is one of only two perfect blue examples.