Ron and Robert Hansen
Ronald and Robert Hansen were brothers who mainly iridized glass made by other glass companies. Beginning in the 1960s, they developed techniques that gave their glass some of most lustrous surfaces found in Carnival Glass. Their signatures are hand etched into the base rather than molded in.

This covered turtle bowl sold on an online auction in 2014 for $2,400. It is amberina and has a chip on the edge as well as a crack in the tail. Signed by Robert Hansen. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

This is a large swan in amber. It sold at the same online auction as the covered turtle at the left. It brought $650. Also signed by Robert. Photo curtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Banjo and Violin bottles
The teal banjo, signed by Robert, brought $175 in 1996. Teal violins, also Robert, sold for $120 in 1999, $375 in 2005 and $400 in 2010.

Baseball, marigold
This one-of-a-kind paperweight, signed by Robert, sold for $550 in 1996.

Fairy Lamp, red
These miniature lamps, signed by Robert, usually sell in the $1,000 range.

Eyewinker tumbler and toothpick holder, red
These pieces were iridized by Robert. They are from blanks made by L.G. Wright. Such tumblers usually bring $60 to $90 but have brought as much as $325. The toothpicks holders sell from $90 to $125. A red eyewinker spittoon by Robert brought $550 in 2007. In 2010, a red vase sold for $245.

The owl on the left is 5 inches tall and made from a blank blown by Pilgrim. In celeste blue, it sold for $300 in 1996. The teal bottle is 7 1/2 inches tall and sold for $200 at the same auction, as did the 4-inch solid paperweight in cobalt that brought $250.

Daisy and Button rosebowl
In cobalt and signed by Robert, this rosebowl brought $75 in 1996. From an L.G. Wright blank. Another sold for $50 in 1998. Marigold; $70 in 1996.

Bird on Nest covered jar
This teal candy dish, iridized by Robert, sold for $450 in 1996.

Rabbit with Basket toothpick holder
This toothpick is by Ron. In amethyst, it sold for $35 in 2001.

Hobnail pitcher
This one-of-a-kind pitcher in amethyst with marigold overlay sold for $425 in 1996.

Bicentennial eagle, Owl toothpick holder, Polar Bear
The eagle paperweight is 5 inches tall and was made from a Mosser blank. It's in amethyst with electric blue iridescence and sold for $250 in 1996. A blue example sold for $55 in 2000 and a red in 2011 for $75. The owl toothpick holder is green and brought $155 at the same auction. The teal polar bear paperweight is 4 inches tall and sold for $300, also at the same auction. All signed by Robert.

Tomahawk and vase
The tomahawk, with an Indian warrior image on the blade, is from a Dagenhart blank. In cobalt, it sold for $400 in 1996. Iridized by Robert. Also by Robert is the art glass style vase from a Pilgrim blank. Five inches tall and in teal, it sold for $115 at the same auction.

Robert iridized a number of similar vases. This one, in teal, sold for $115 at the same auction as the two pieces at the left.

Loganberry vase
Also sold in 1996 was this red vase. Imperial made a similar pattern, so it's possible this was made from their blank. $130.

Hobnail items
These three Hobnail pieces were all iridized by Robert. The red rosebowl sold for $30; the spittoon shape in teal for $15; and the fairy lamp in teal for $18. All sold in 1999.

Inverted Strawberry tumbler
These have the Near Cut mark so they were apparently a Cambridge blank, In teal and signed by Robert, these bring $50 to $100. An amber example sold for $30 in 1999. Also in 1999, an amethyst brought $55.

Fleur de Lis tumbler
This tumbler, signed by Ronald, sold for $78 in 2001.

Hobstar and Fine Cut
This one is by Ron. In amberina it sold for $75 in 2001. Amethyst and red examples by Robert sold in 1999 for $25 and $75, respectively.

Antique Swirl lamp
This miniature oil lamp in marigold, signed by Robert, is thought to be a one-of-a-kind. It sold for $650 in 1996.

Moon and Stars epergne
A 2-piece epergne from an L.G. Wright blank and signed by Robert. In teal, it brought $225 in 1996.

Octagon cruet
This cruet, in marigold and signed by Robert, brought $150 in 1996. In 2013, one sold for $130.

S Repeat cruet
Also signed by Robert, this red cruet from an L.G. Wright blank, brought $350 in 1996.

Wreathed Cherry sugar
Signed by Robert, this red sugar bowl sold for $35 in 1999, another in 2010 for $285. A red spooner sold for $40 in 2004.

Dolphin candy dish
In marigold, this 8-inch dish was signed by Robert and sold for $125 in 1996.

Swan candy dish
This small dish in teal was signed by Robert. It sold for $90 in 1996.

Inverted Strawberry toothpick holder
Red, Bennett blank, Near Cut, Robert, $130, 1996.

Gypsy Pot toothpick holder
Red, signed Ron, $35, 2001.

Inverted Thumbprint toothpick holder
Teal, Robert, $125, 1996.

Thumbprint mini pitcher or toothpick holder
Cobalt, Degenhart blank, Robert, $75, 1996.

Turkey toothpick holder
Red, Robert, $65, 1999; $100, 2009.

Cigars and Band toothpick holder
Teal, souvenir of Wheeling WV, Robert, $145, 1996.

Heart toothpick holder
Amethyst, Robert, $25, 1999.

Paneled toothpick holder (Galloway)
Amethyst, Ronald, $21, 2001.

Mirror and Roses pickle caster In red silverplate holder, this piece sold for $800 in 1996.

Pump and Trough
These green sets typically sell for between $90 and $150 though one brought $300 in 2009. The pump is 6 1/2 inches tall.

Moon and Stars spooner
Signed by Robert, this red spooner sold for $40 in 1999.
Other patterns
Beaded Panel candy compote, signed Robert, red, 145 (1997)
Bird and Berry mug, signed Robert, teal, 115 (1997)
Bird with cherry in mouth, salt dip, signed Ronald, blue, 15 (2002)
Cape Cod cruet, signed Ronald, amber, 200 (1999)
Corn vase, 7 inch, CRE flared, signed Robert, only one known, marigold, 725 (1997)
Daisy and Button basket, signed Robert, amethyst, 40 (1999)
Daisy and Button basket, signed Robert, amber, 50 (1997)
Daisy and Button basket canoe, 6 inch, signed Robert, red, 135 (1997)
Daisy and Button cruet, amber, Robert, $400 (2013)
Daisy and Button slipper, signed Robert, blue, 10 (2002)
Daisy and Button shoe with cat, blue, 30 (1998)
Daisy and Button toothpick holder, signed Ronald, Aqua, 10 (2009)
Daisy and Button toothpick holder, signed Ronald, red, 100 (1999), 30 (2002)
Diamond and Ovals cruet, signed Robert, marigold, 135 (1998)
Elephant Head toothpick holder, signed Robert, flared top, amethyst, 110 (1997), 180 (2010)
Eyewinker vase, 5 1/2 inch tall, 3 footed, signed Robert, red, 300 (1998)
Forty Niner tumbler, signed Robert, cobalt blue, 55 (1999), 75 (2001)
Forty Niner tumbler, signed Robert, red, 30 (2002)
Hen on Nest, signed Robert, blue, 300 (2011)
Hobnail bell, signed Robert, teal, 90 (1997)
Hobnail pitcher, signed Robert, one-of-a-kind, amethyst, 425 (1996)
Hobnail rosebowl, Robert, red, $30 (2013)
Hobnail toothpick holder, hat shape, signed Robert, peach opal, 110 (1997)
Hobnail vase, 3 1/2 inches, crimped ruffled, footed, amberina opal, 100 (1999)
Honeycomb juice glass, 3 1/2 inches tall, signed Ronald, red, 50-100
Inverted Strawberry basket, handled, 6 inch, signed Robert, amethyst, 125 (1996)
Inverted Strawberry hat, signed Robert, sapphire, 145 (2010)
Maple Leaf tumbler, L.G. Wright blank, signed Robert, cobalt, 40-75
Michigan toothpick holder, red, 160 (1999)
Moon and Stars candlesticks, pair, signed Robert, red, 55 (1999)
Moon and Stars cruet, L.W. Wright blank, signed Robert, teal, 100 (1997)
Moon and Stars shaker, 4 1/2 inch, L.G. Wright blank, Robert, red, 125 (1997), 80 (2013)
Moon and Stars rosebowl, red 145 (2009), 85 (2016)
Oval and Stars 5-inch vase, Robert, red, $80 (2012)
Owl on Books paperweight, aqua, 90 (1999)
Owl on Books paperweight, Degenhart blank, signed Robert, 80 (1996)
Owl on Books paperweight, Degenhart blank, signed Robert, red, 110 (1996)
Queen Mary double candlestick, one-of-a-kind, red, 500 (1995)
Santa Claus fairy lamp, red, Robert, 525 (2012)
S Repeat tumbler, signed Robert, amethyst, 300 (2016)
S Repeat toothpick holder, signed Robert, red, 70-100
Perfume with swan stopper, signed Robert, marigold, 300 (1997)
Three Faces salt & pepper, L.G. Wright blank, signed Robert, ice blue, 175 (1996)
Tree Stump toothpick holder, signed Robert, red, 95 (2000), 260 (2007)
Tree Stump toothpick holder, signed Ronald, teal, 160 (1999)
Turtle covered candy dish, 10 inch, one-of-a-kind, signed Robert, amber, 850 (1997)
Wreath of Roses vase, 6 inch, for Rose Presznick, red, 600 (1999)
Wreathed Cherry creamer, signed Robert, red, 70 (1999)
Zippered Panel toothpick holder, green, 35 (2001)

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