Paneled Holly, Northwood

Mostly seen in green bon bons or candy dishes such as on the right in the right-hand photo. The pitcher on the left is the only known iridized example: in purple, it is in a Wisconsin collection. The spooners, as in the right photo at front, are almost as rare: this green example, the only one known in this color, sold for $300 in 1998. A marigold spooner, also the only one known, sold the same year for $425.
Hartung Book Two: Paneled Holly Bonbons or candy dishes

Green, 15 (2014), 10, 15, 20 (2015), 10 (2016)

Marigold, 25 (2012), 30 (2013)

Sugar (probably the spooner)

Green, 325 (2006)

Updated 2/18/17