Acanthus Leaf, Imperial
Most collectors refer to this pattern simply as Acanthus, but I call it Acanthus Leaf to distinguish it from Imperial's classic era pattern. The two are nothing alike. This one has distinct leaves with pronounced veins. There were first made in 1968 in Sunset Ruby (red), white (compote only), pink, Meadow Green (ice green), purple and yellow. The bowls vary in width from about 7 inches to almost 9. The red compotes are usually more extremely ruffled than the white one shown. Also known in a creamer and sugar set and a mug A red candy dish sold in 2012 for $25.
Covered bowls
Red, 40-60

Red, 30-40

Purple, 21 (eBay 2004), 15 (2017)
Red, 30-50
Yellow, 10 (2018)
White, 15 (2017)

Candle holders
Ice green, 38 (eBay 2004)
Red, 30-40

Red, 25-40

Updated 6/25/2018