Alley Cats, Happy Cats, Chessie Cats, Fenton
These happy fellows are Fenton's Alley Cats, sometimes called Chessie Cats. They're about 11 inches tall and are quite heavy. Intended to be doorstops I think. The first was produced in 1970 in amethyst and subsequently in a number of other colors including blue, red, green, pink, celeste blue, sapphire blue, and teal. Regardless of color, they seem to sell for $25 to $40 on ebay and at live auctions, though sapphire and red examples may bring more. In 2016, purple and red examples sold for $55 and $130, respectively.

In 2017, a purple example brought $50 and in 2018 a red example sold for $210. Also in 2018 a sapphire blue example sold for $80 and a green one sold for $70.

In 2020 a purple example hand painted by D Caplinger sold for $110. The same year, an undecorated example in a color listed as dusty rose brought $120.

This is the 5 1/4 inch tall Happy Cat. They are made exclusively for the Fenton Art Glass Collectors Association. Quite desirable, blue examples sold on eBay in 2004 for $66 and $67.

In 2020, a Happy Cat in iridized milkglass sold for $250, one in purple slag sold for $225, and one in red brought $100.

In 2021, a black amethyst example sold for $115.

Updated 7/14/2021