Beehive Honey Pot
This little honey pot with a bee and a hole for a spoon is quite a mystery. I have about 25 listed in my auction sales database as having sold in the last twenty-some years. No auctioneer gave a size so I assume they're about 5 inches high. Generally they are listed as blue flashed or teal. Some auctioneers speculated that Jeanette was the maker. Generally assumed to be contemporary.

Interestingly, a search of eBay, esty and google didn't turn up any similar examples, so they must be quite rare. That would account for the wide auction prices. Over time the auction price has averaged about $60 though they have sold for as little as $10 and, in 2016, two sold for $100 and $190.

In 2019 a marigold example sold for $30.

In 2020, an example in smoke sold for $20.

In 2021, another in smoke sold for $160.

Updated 5/28/2021