Bob Smith Tumbler Auction, 2019

Above is just one of many groups of Carnival Glass tumblers that sold in June 2019. There were more than 1,500 tumblers offered for sale. The most expensive was a Frolicking Bears in green for $6,500. The only reported Northwood Plums and Cherries in blue brought $3,500. Total auction brought in about $72,000 with average selling price of about $48. One thousand sixty five items sold for just $2.50 and five failed to sell. The auction was conducted by Wroda Auctions. Photo courtesy of Carl Booker.

   Below are some of the more interesting items that sold at this auction:
Bird and Flower

Blum Dept Store


Chrysanthemum Sprig

Colonial Cabin

Corn Flower

Daisy, Engraved

Dusty Rose

English Hobnail

Falling Flowers

Fir Cones

Fish tumbler, John Cook

Flamingo shot glass

Flower Band

Flower Medallion

Flute shot glass

Fox Hunt

Fruit Band

Gentleman's Jigger

Glorious tumbler

Grape, Enameled

Grape and Gothic Arches

Grapevine and Spikes

Hamm's Beer

Hanging Monkey Shot Glass

Helsinki tumbler

Hexagon Shot Glass

High Hob tumbler

Hobnail shot glass

Hobnail, Fenton

Hobstar and Shield tumbler

Hobstar Variant, Smith

Hollywood, Dunbar

Hop-a-long Cassidy


Hotshot shot glass

India Bracelet tumbler

Italian Hobnail tumbler

Italian Star shot glass

Jack and Jill tumbler, Crider

Jeanette tumbler

Jewel and Flower tumbler

Kathy tumbler

Kenmore Square tumbler

Kew Gardens tumbler

Leaf Medallion tumbler

Lightning Stars tumbler

Lovers Beer glasses

Maharanee shot glass

Majestic tumbler




Meadow Flowers Enameled

Mellon Ribbed Daisy

Midget shot glass

Milady tumbler

Mirrors and Crossbars


Moon and Stars, Hansen

Muscadine, Jain

My Old Kentucky Home

Naughty Nineties



Orange Tree in celeste

Orange Tree Orchard

Oriental Poppy variant


Palace Gates

Paneled Holly


Pastel Panels

Peach, Marigold

Peacock at the Fountain, Electriic Blue

Pennsylvania Dutch

Perfection, Millersburg

Plums and Cherries, Crider

Pinallas Queen

Raymond, Kansas, Centennial

Reindeer, Germany

Ribbed Barrel

Rio tumbler

Road America

Robin Hood (Disney)

Round the Block

San Miguel Beer

Santa Claus

Schlitz Beer

Shriner Pittsburgh shot glass

Shriner Wheat Shot Glass

Smooth Panels

Soda Gold



Sunken Hexagon, Crider

Sunshine Panels



Texas Centennial

Texas shot glass

Tiger Lily with Silver Base

Tom Mix shot glass

Wide Panel Thistle

Wild Flower tumbler

Windsor tumbler

Wm. Oberdelhoff tumbler

Waterlily & Cattails, Etched Robbins