Butterfly and Berry Bowl Whimsies, Fenton

Carnival Treasures, Butterfly and Berry Whimsey

Fenton's glass workers seemed to like to make whimsies as these two bowls made from the large berry bowl demonstrate. At the left is one in green where it is not only ruffled but pulled up in such a way that it rests on the collar base rather than the feet. It sold in 1998 for $225. Above is a blue example with a three-in-one edge that sold in 1993 for $250. A similar example in green with A CRE edge sold for $375 in 2016. None have the Butterfly and Berry interior pattern.

Shown here are a spittoon resting on the collar base with the feet off the table made from an amethyst berry bowl that sold in 2011 for $11,000 and in 2020 for $15,000, a cobalt blue spittoon made from a sugar bowl, and a marigold hair receiver made from a small berry bowl. All are one-of-a-kind pieces.
On the left is a rare whimsey in a rosebowl shape made from a tumbler that sold at the 2012 Keystone Carnival Glass club auction. It's in marigold and brought $2,000. On the right is a hatpin holder whimsey made from a tumbler with a special ring cap.

Last updated 6/30/2020