Butterfly and Corn, Millersburg

Sharing a list of similarities with the Acorn and the Woodpecker and Ivy vases, there are very few of these 6-inch treasures around. Several are known in marigold and vaseline; the first amethyst (shown here, from both sides) was recently discovered. There is also one known in green.

A marigold example sold in 2012 for $9,250.

In 2017, another marigold example, or perhaps the same one as above, sold for $16,000.

Here is a spectacular set of Butterfly and Corn vases that sold at the Christina Katsikas auction in 2020. Probably never again will these sell at the same time. The example on the left, in marigold, brought $16,000; next the vase in vaseline sold for $26,000; then the purple example for $11,000; and finally the green vase for $8,000.

Updated 6/30/2020