Amethyst, Purple, and Lavender
Above left is a Northwood Peacocks bowl in purple. It shows the bowl with typical multi-color iridescence. Next is a representation of the bowl without the iridescence. Purple is a deep color, rather like grape juice. If the bowl was amethyst, it would look something like the third photo, a somewhat lighter version of the purple.
Purple or amethyst?
These two pieces show the range of purple to amethyst. On the left is a typical Imperial bowl (Acanthus) that is deep purple. On the right is a Millersburg Peacock and Urn Variant sauce in amethyst. Very little Millersburg can be considered true purple. To see the real colors, you should view the piece where the iridescence does not affect the color.
Above are several pieces in what are considered lavender. On the left is a Dugan Five Hearts plate, then a Millersburg Courthouse ruffled bowl, and finally, an Imperial Pansy low ruffled bowl.

Fiery Amethyst, Oxblood, and Black Amethyst
Fiery amethyst and Oxblood are extremely dark purple with a bit of red. It may be difficult to see any color through the glass. Black amethyst is an extremely dark purple--almost black. When viewed against an extremely bright light, only a deep redish-purple can be seen. A lot of confusion about this color. Many folks think any dark purple is black amethyst, but to be black amethyst, it should be difficult to see any light through it at all.

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