Aqua opalescent
Opalescent colors were made by adding bone ash to the molten glass and then reheating it. In this case, the glassmaker began with aqua-colored glass. It was then sprayed with the iridizing solution which could have been a light transparent color or the darker marigold.

Aqua Opal article

Both of these Leaf and Beads rosebowls are considered aqua opal. The one above has the more transparent iridizing collectors call pastel--almost invisible in the photo.

The rich marigold effect seen here is what collectors call butterscotch. There are many variantions in between.

Here are Northwood's ruffled Wishbone and pie crust edge Good Luck bowls in aqua opal.

Fenton made comparatively little aqua opal and these Holly and Leaf Chain bowls are thought to be the only ones in these patterns.

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