The Greens
Every manufacturer of Carnival glass made green, though Dugan made very little of it. If one were to look only at the primary pattern of the tumbler below, it wouldn't be obvious what the color is (at a glance it appears rather olive because of the iridescence). Look through a clear area of the glass, usually the base. Green with a dominant blue iridescence is sometimes called emerald green.

Article on the color green

Shown below are several other colors in the green range. Also see Aqua/teal.
Ice green. This is a very light color of green, usually with a pastel iridescence making it easy to see the glass color. Lime green. Also a light color, much like ice green but with a touch of yellow in it.
Olive or russet. Russet is just another name for the olive shade of Carnival glass. Helios green. A light to medium green but with a pale goldish iridescence.
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