Article on the color marigold

The color marigold practically defines Carnival glass. More of this color is seen than any other. Marigold always appears on clear glass. If the glass isn't clear, it isn't marigold. The two Grape and Cable punch cups above demonstrate the extremes of the range of Carnival found in marigold.
Pastel and pumpkin are two terms frequently used in conjunction with marigold. Pastel marigold has a light satiny effect; the color is so subtle that it becomes a very subjective judgement. The Hearts and Flowers plate above left is in pastel. Pumpkin is at the other end of the spectrum. It has color so strong that it can almost appear red, much like the punch cup above left. The Poinsettia and Lattice ruffled bowl, in about as deep a pumpkin as I've seen, was photographed at a convention where it was shown as a spectacular example of the color.
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