Peach Opalescent
Peach opal is the most frequently seen opalescent Carnival glass. As with all opalescent glass, it was made by placing bone ash in the glass mix. After removal from the mold a piece would be reheated. The parts that received the most heat would then turn milky white. If the original glass was clear and it was sprayed with marigold doping solution, it would become peach opalescent. If the glass color was aqua and after it was reheated and sprayed, it would be aqua opal.

Peach Opalescent article

Dugan made most of the peach opalescent Carnival. The Fishnet epergne above left is Dugan. Northwood made only a few pieces; the Beaded Cable rosebowl is one of two known in this pattern. Peach opal is occasionally found in Fenton patterns: the Peacock and Grape bowl is typical. Westmoreland also made a fair amount of peach opal. Only a couple of pieces are known in Imperial.
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