Vaseline Glass

Vaseline glass is glass that has had uranium salts added to the molten glass mix. Under normal viewing conditions the glass appears to be yellow or yellow green. However, when illuminated with an ultraviolet light (blacklight), as shown below right, the glass fluoresces in a bright, glowing green.

Vaseline Carnival glass often has heavy marigold iridescence, sometimes making it difficult to detect or, at the very least, preventing you from realizing the glass color at a glance. In the footed bowl below, the vaseline color is only apparent in the feet and the collar base. Pieces without feet may make it even harder to detect the color. Be aware, however, than not all glass that fluoresces is necessarily vaseline. Sometimes other chemicals were added to the glass mix that may cause the glass to glow.
Many collectors carry small portable blacklights with them to check for possible vaseline items. There are many sources available on the Internet that offer a variety of sizes, including the 6-inch pocket size and even tiny ones that attach to keyrings.
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