Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup
Imperial's Hattie
From HOACGA bulletin February, 2005

The Imperial's Hattie pattern has the distinction of being the only carnival glass pattern that carries the same design on the inside as well as the outside. The pattern designation was number 496 before it was called Hattie and the basic shape is an eight to nine inch bowl. The pattern has to be called busy, very busy, but is still considered attractive. There are no strutting peacocks, ferocious dragons or even chickens scratching about to aid in its easy identification but once you have seen and handled the Hattie pattern that has been reshaped into a beautiful purple chop plate, you will have no trouble remembering the pattern.

The bowls are easily found in marigold, and we have seen more than one in smoke and Helios but purple and amber are somewhat more scarce. What really stands out as the hot collector shape seems to be the chop plates, made from the bowl mold, in purple or amber. The chop plates can be found in marigold, clambroth, helios, amber, and purple. And the cost varies wildly as one would expect with the basic glass color and quality of the iridescence.

Then we have the rose bowl shape that can be considered as somewhat of a sleeper. Marigold rose bowls are the easiest found but then again you can pretty well count on one hand how many have been listed in auctions in the last twenty years.

The rose bowl is also known in amber and purple but both of these can be considered as rare and seldom change hands. A purple example reported as the only one known at that time sold in 1995. In 1998 a most unusual number of five Hattie rose bowls sold. Three marigold examples, one in rare amber and one listed as amethyst (A).

Our marigold rose bowl was found only recently in an Illinois antique mall. Lorraines's persistent nagging, "take me to the antique mall" has paid off again. Now if only she could get me to "buy it when you see it" instead of our usual "let's go back and buy it." Oh well, even though it took us two trips, the rosebowl find was a nice way to finish off a year of finding very little.


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