Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup
Imperial Smooth Rays
From HOACGA bulletin May, 2005
Looking for something different to write about tonight, we decided pick on this Imperial Smooth Rays nine inch, wildly iridescent smoke plate. This article will be about a $25 plate that gets little notice from carnival glass collectors but still has an interesting background or should we say the marie (background) impression.

It seems that most of the glass manufacturers made their version of Smooth Rays in different shapes including these plates, but little attention is paid to them. Maybe the reason for this indifference is that collectors without a firm idea of who made the plate seem to attach little importance to them. So let's start by pointing out how easy it is to come to a decision--if the plate you have was made by Imperial Glass Company,

Pictured here are three of our twenty-seven Imperial plates, a purple Scroll Embossed, a pastel marigold Shell, and our smoke Smooth Rays. All three were obviously made from the same basic plate mould with only the plunger mould changed in the pressing. The reverse mold is without a pattern, with only two seam lines from a two-part mould and the same marie impression.

Shell or Shell and Sand plates are found in smoke along with the Smooth Rays. We have a Shell and Sand plate that is green, but has anyone seen a Smooth Rays nine-inch plate in green? Marigold and pastel marigolds are also found in both plates. And we have had both marigold and green Scroll Embossed plates. So then we have to ask if Imperial's purple Smooth Rays plates exist. Wow! Wouldn't that be a good find?

Imperial's Smooth Rays

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