Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup
Fenton's Pinecone
From HOACGA bulletin September, 2000

We were bidding on a 6 14" Pinecone 12-sided smooth edge plate recently on eBay and became involved in the age-old question, what is it worth? Checking the price guides didn't help as we found there didn't seem to be any listing of a 6 1/4" size. 12-sided smooth edge plate. We have several Pinecone plates and sauce dishes around the house. After a quick check we were satisified that all our pieces have saw tooth edges edges, some with small variations in edge treatment, but definitely not a smooth edge like this eBay plate. Okay, time for a little research on the Pinecone pattern. A writeup in a 1977 San Deigo County Carnival Glass bulletin mentions two edge variations without going into any detail. A phone call to a very knowledgeable small plate collector in Texas produced mixed reslts. She was not sure if she had one or had seen such a plate as her small plates were at the time packed away. (Thanks Eleanor)

The shapes listed in various publications cover 6 1/4" plates, 7 1/2" plates, sauce dishes and somewhat larger 7 to 8 inch bowls, ruffled, round and ice cream shaped. The small plate section of the HOACCGA notebook shows the standard plates and lists the Pinecone/Wide Panel plate, but unfortunately doesn't have the picture. So we will include a picture of this saucer in this article. We consider the Pinecone 6" plate with the Wide Panel reverse a saucer that was sold with a Wreath of Roses punch cup in Fenton's advertisements shown in the 1911 Butler Brothers catalog. The two regular plate sizes have no pattern on the reverse, other than the three mold marks. The saucer on the other hand has a reverse pattern, Wide Panels, and also has a multi-rayed pattern in the Marie area. This Pinecone saucer has a smooth 1/4" band surrounding the pinecone patern. Bill Edwards's 7th edition show this Pinecone saucer. We believe that this can be found either flat or with a slighly rolled up edge. This is also found in a ruffled sauce. See our November 1998 article on the Pinecone/Wreath of Roses cup and saucer marriage.

All the usual colors can be found. Colors listed are blue, amethyst, green, marigold and amber. There is also a listing of a Russet bowl. Russet was an exclusive Northwood color, we thought. Other colors that have to raise your eyebrows are lavender and sapphire. Did we get the eBay plate? No, although we had the high bid, the plate didn't meet the seller's reserve price. So we end up still not knowing what the value is on that twelve-sided plate.


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