Upcoming Events

If you're new to collecting Carnival Glass, attending conventions is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge. Typically they are held at large hotels/motels, usually the sort where the rooms have windows open to the halls so you can look in to see what people are displaying. Conventions are excellent for seeing huge amounts of Carnival all in one place. Great oppurtunities for education.

Most folks who attend these conventions will tell you that one of the best parts is meeting other collectors. Carnival collectors are famous for wanting to share what they know with others. They may even become good friends.

Most conventions will also have a formal dinner as well as a hospitality room with free food. These locations will also have restaurants/bars or are located close to them.

The highlight of any convention is the auction. These consist of several hundred pieces of Carnival Glass, usually from the collection of an esteemed collector. A great way get some of those pieces you've been looking for or finding new examples you never see anywhere else. You'll be able to call up patterns on this site on your phone or tablet to make sure you stay in the best price range.

Keystone Carnival Glass Convention (Cancelled)
Dates: May 6-9, 2020
Location: Holiday Inn, 604 Station Rd, Grantville, Pa.
Use "KCG" code when making reservations
Reservations: 717-469-0661
Contact don6379@verizon.net
Matthew Wroda Auction

Lincoln Land Carnival Glass Convention (Cancelled)
Dates: June 3-6, 2020
Location: Best Western Hotel and Convention Center, Airport
5105 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Reservations: 414 769-2100
Auction: Jim and Jan Seeck, www.seeckauction.com