Country Kitchen Whimsies, Millersburg

Updated 8/19/2018

Top left is an amethyst Country Kitchen spittoon whimsey made from a spooner. It is 3 5/8 inches tall and 4 1/4 inches across. It sold in 2010 for $6,000. At one time in the Giada collection, the Whitley collection, and now the Jones collection. Above is the only known rosebowl whimsey in the pattern, in marigold.

At left are two vases swung from other shapes, both marigold. The taller ones were swung from the spooner; the shorter for the sauce. Shorter examples sold for $2,000 in 1999; for $5,000 in 2007; for $1,250 in 2008; and for $1,650 in 2016. Another short version sold in 2020 for $5,100. The taller vase was photographed while in the collection of Don Doyle; the shorter one is courtesy of Bob and Joan Anderson.

In 2017, a 10-inch marigold vase, that had had a flute broken off and reglued, sold for $375.

In 2018, a light marigold vase whimsey, 4 1/4 inches tall and 6 3/4 inches in diameter, sold for $950.

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