Craftsman Plate Series, Fenton
Beginning in 1970 Fenton produced a series of amethyst plates celebrating craftsmen in America. On the reverse of each plate was a text commemoration of that craft and listing a bit of history of it, along with the date the plate was made. Above are the Blacksmith plate, front and back (1972), and to the left the Potter plate (1971). Others in the series were the Glassmaker, Printer, Silversmith, Tanner, Cooper, Housewright, Gunsmith, Wheelwright, Shoemaker and Furniture Maker. These typically sell for $15 to $25, either at live auction or on ebay.
This unusual plate in the Craftsman series was experimental. It has gold trim and is said to have been in the personal collection of Frank Fenton. It sold at the 1997 Lincoln-Land convention whimsey auction for $1,025.
On eBay in 2006, three Glassmaker plates were offered with lettering similar to that at the left. The seller indicated that these plates were the first made in the Craftsman series and that they were tests. Note that they did not have the pressed inscription that the production plates did. They sold for $16 to $17.