Cut Arcs (Reverse Drapery), Fenton

Hartung Book Three: Cut Arcs

This pattern is not often seen and when it is, nobody seems to care. The pattern, which is on the exterior only, consists of groups of loops that extend out from the collar base and ribs that separate the groups. These 9-inch marigold bowls are found with three-in-one edge, crimped edge or ruffled edge. Seldom bring more than $15 at auction although they sometimes bring more on ebay. There are two Carnival vases known.

In August, 2003, Steve and Marti Fink reported that they have a green example with three-in-one edge, and subsequently sent me a photo of it (right).

Updated 3/27/2017

In 2013, Nancy Bishop sent me this photo of her green 3/1 bowl, wondering if it could be the same as the Finks as there are so few.