Diamond Point Baskets, Northwood
A scarce pattern, these baskets bring a good price if iridized. Many examples are damaged, so be sure you check any that you consider buying carefully. Prices listed are for examples in perfect condition. Note that Northwood made vases that are called Diamond Point, but are quite a different pattern.

On the right is a rosebowl in a similar pattern that was identified as Diamond Point at the 2003 auction where it brought $675. Another of these, or perhaps the same one, sold in 2016 for $150. Unlikely this item has anything to do with the Northwood pattern.

Hartung Book Five: Diamond-Point Basket


Blue, 280, 2,300 (both 2017), 375, 575, 1,300 (all 2020), 1,100 (2021)

Blue, minor damage, 400 (2015), 1,150 (2019)

Ebony, not iridized, 70 (2019)

Marigold, 275 (2018), 300, 750, 1,500 (all 2019), 450 (2020), 250 (2021)

Renninger blue, two known? 1,300 (2009), 1,025 (2019)

When this marigold set sold in 2016 for $60, it was described as a Diamond Point Ice Set. Obviously not the traditional Diamond Point pattern. I suspect it's from the depression era. Photo courtesy Seeck Auctions.

Updated 6/22/2021