Carnival Glass wanted

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Please note: I have removed some of the older requests. Check your listing. If you do not find yours, please re-submit a current one.

Several people whose names are on this list have said they were contacted by someone purporting to have the piece they are looking for. After negotiating a price, the seller asked that the payment be made via Western Union to either Canada or Spain. The folks on this list checked it out and discovered that these were sham sales and, in fact, some of the photos sent to the buyer were actually from someone else on eBay. So be very careful about buying pieces offered, especially from overseas and through Western Union.

Joe Mercurio

I am looking for a Northwood Sweatmeat Lid in BLUE

Holly Smith

Aqua Opal Singing Birds mug and any color stippled varieties apart from Marigold

Dave Noyes

Persian Garden round or ruffled fruit bowl top in blue

Blue Maple Leaf butter Dish lid

Marigold Inverted Strawberry complete butter dish

Marigold tumbler for Berry Band & Rib tumble-up set

Amethyst Hanging Cherries butter dish base

Richard Cinclair

I am looking for the Frolicking Bears ICGA whimsey pieces.