Golden Wedding

Best known of the various Carnival whiskey bottles, Golden Wedding is found in five sizes: nip (1/10th pint), 1/2 pint, pint, quart, and two quart. These two have different closures; one with cork style (presumably older) and one with screw top. Both are courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker. Bottles with labels bring more money--the better the label, the better the price. Known only in marigold.

Hartung Book Three: Golden Wedding

Whiskey bottles, marigold

Nip, 1/10th pint, intact labels, 30-50

Nip, 1/10th pint, intact labels, screw top, 25 (2016)

Nip, 1/10th pint, no labels, 10-20

Half Pint, intact label, 25 (2010)

Pint, with original box, contents, label, 70 (2016)

Pint, with original box, 30 (2010)

Pint, intact labels, 30-40

Pint, no labels, 10-20

Pint, original cap and box, 220 (1997), 250 (2004)

Quart, intact labels, 30-40

Quart, no labels, 15-25

Rye 1/10 pint, 145 (2004)

Rye, pint, with label, 20 (2010)

Listed as 5 1/2 inch high, 10 (2021)

This Golden Wedding bottle, apparently flattened by putting it in a kiln or furnace, brought $260 in 2012. That's more than any unmodified bottle has ever brought. Photo courtesy Seeck Auctions.

In 2018, a tin advertising sign, 19 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches sold for $250.

Udated 3/29/2021