Covered pieces
This category includes bowls and jars that were originally made with lids.
Covered Bowls, Jars, and Compotes
Acanthus, Imperial
Baroque, Fenton
Basketweave basket, Westmoreland
Beaded Jewels
Bicentenial items, Fenton
Bird in Cage
Chessie, Fenton
Daisy and Button
Eagle & Star
Eastern Star (#425), Imperial
Feathers, Imperial
4108 covered jar, Fenton
Grape and Cable cracker jar, Mosser
Heart Box, Fenton
Hobnail, Fenton
Hobstar cracker jars
Honey jar, Imperial and Boyd
Hummingbird, Fenton
Lily of the Valley, Fenton
Little Brown Church jar, Fenton
Louis 14th, Imperial
Oblong, Indiana
Olde Virginia Glass, Fenton
Paisley, Fenton
Pagoda, Fenton
Paneled Daisy, Fenton
Picnic basket, Westmoreland
Princess, Indiana
Roses in Snow
Six-sided box (A12), Imperial
Three-in-One, Imperial
Three Moths bowl, Fenton
Wild Strawberry candy jars, Fenton
Windsor, Indiana
Zodiac, Imperial
Covered Animals
Cockerel covered box, Imperial
Duck, Jeannette
Duck, Smith
Duck, Westmoreland
Hen on Nest, Fenton
Hen on Nest, Indiana
Lamb mini jar, Imperial
Lion, Imperial
Owl, Imperial and Summit
Robin on Nest, Westmoreland
Rooster covered box, Imperial
Squirrel, AA Imports
Swan, Mosser for Levay
Turkey, Imperial
Turkey, Smith