Heavy Grape Contemporary, Fenton and Imperial

I don't know whether these were made with the original mold, but they could have been. On the left is a souvenir piece is aqua opal made for the Southern California club 1996 convention. It measures about 7 1/2 inches. At right is a round bowl in red that measures about 6 1/2 inches. It still has the Fenton sticker and clearly marked on the bottom. Lenox/Imperial also made bowls in pink, ice blue, and ice green that measure about 8 1/2 inches across. At one point Smith apparently acquired the large mode and made bowls in amethyst, green and perhaps other colors.

Bowls, Fenton
Aqua opal, 10 (2014)
Purple, 13 (2013)
Red, 6 (2012)
Red, sauce, signed Fenton, 30 (2017)

Plates, Fenton
Pink, 1996 So. Cal. convention, 35 (2013)

Bowls, Imperial (LIG)
Ice blue, 16 (eBay 2003), 25 (2018)
Ice green, 11 (eBay 2003)
Pink, 8-12
Teal, 15 (2018)

Updated 7/1/2018