Lions Contemporary, Fenton
Much like the original Lions pattern in some respects, the new Lions has three twig feet and the Orange Tree exterior of the Fenton's Flowers rosebowl. One of these sold on eBay in 2004 for $32. The photo on the right shows two whimsies made for the 1984 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association convention. The blue rosebowl has red and white applied glass trim and was made especially for Jack Adams. It sold at a live auction in 2003 for $105. The whimsey basket sold at the same auction for $155.

Other items:
Basket, 1994, signed by Tom Fenton, red, $40 (2005), $120 (2012), $40, $50 (both 2022)
Basket, for Dorothy Taylor, green opal, $20 (2016)
Bowl, ruffled, green, $125 (2016)
Rosebowl, powder blue, $20 (2005)
Rosebowl, Sapphire blue, $205 (2021)

Updated 8/30/2022