Octagon (Imperial Lace) Reissues, Imperial and others
Collectors of the classic era glass call this pattern Octagon, but collectors of contemporary glass refer to it as Imperial Lace. The reissues are seen in several shapes, including the 8-10 inch bowls and toothpick holder above. The bowl shown is smoke (Peacock), but also found in marigold (Rubigold), red, Azure Blue, amber, and white. Generally they sell in the $15 to $25 range. The toothpick holders are very common and found in most contemporary colors--some made by other makers. You shouldn't have to pay more than $12 for any color.
The compote shown is about 5 inches tall (and sometimes ruffled) and found in cobalt (Aurora Jewels). They sell on eBay for $15 to $25. There is another compote in this pattern, about 8 inches tall with a rounded base to the bowl. They are found in marigold, smoke, white, helios, and amber. In marigold, they sell for $10 to $15. The cruets, about 7 inches tall, are found in amber. They sell for about $30. There are two vases which are sometimes called Octagon or Imperial Lace. The one on the left is 8 inches tall and found only in red and pink. Red sell for $30 to $50; pink $15 to $20. The vase on the right, 6 inches tall, is sometimes called Hobstar or Lace Variant. Found in marigold, smoke, white, and amber. Marigold and white sell for about $15; smoke $15 to $20, and amber $30 to $50.
Several companies have made contemporary glass with an Octagon-like pattern, sometimes calling by a different name. This amethyst pitcher and the creamer and sugar in a red color called sunset were made by Indiana Glass and are named Heirloom. Auctioneers sometimes refer to such patterns as Octagon Variant. Smith also has made a similar pattern.

Classic Octagon