Orange Tree Contemporary, Fenton
Fenton has used the Orange Tree pattern on the exterior of bowls, usually with Cherry Chain on the interior; on footed bowls with six holders for candles, and on candlesticks. Some bowls are deeply ruffled like this one; others are simply cupped in like rosebowls.

A rosebowl in purple sold at live auction for $40 in 2013; a 7 1/2 inch rosebowl with the Cherry Chain interior sold on eBay in 2003--for $61. An ice blue rosebowl with Cherry Chain interior sold at live auction in 1999 for $25. The purple candle-holder bowl above sold for $61 on eBay in 2004; another sold in 2003 for $45. Pairs of candleholders like that at the left sell for between $20 and $30.

In 2020, a contemporary Orange Tree rosebowl in amethyst sold for $10.

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