Reissued and Contemporary Vases
These vases were made from the 1960s on, though some would have been reissues from earlier molds.
Alpine Thistle, Fenton
Atlantis, Fenton
Autumn Oaks, Imperial
Beaded Melon, Fenton
Block and Daisy vase, Imperial
Boxed Star, Imperial
Bud vases, Fenton
Butterfly and Berry, Fenton
Chrysanthemum Planter, Fenton
Corn vase, Imperial, Smith
Daffodil, Fenton
Diamond Point 4-toed vase, Imperial
Debi Lilly vase, China
Diamond Point Columns, Fenton
Diamond and Rib, Fenton
Daisy whimsey vase, Imperial
Dance of the Veils/Dancing Ladies,

Dogwood, Fenton
Drama (Masque), Imperial
Drapery (Curtains), Fenton
Elite vase, Fenton
Faberge bud vase, Fenton
Four Seventy Four
Frosted Block, Imperial
Gothic Arches, Imperial
Grape and Cable
Hand vase, Fenton
Handerchief vase
Heavy Iris
Hobstar, Fenton
Hobstar Nucut, Imperial
Hobnail, Fenton
Imperial Daisy whimsey vase
Indiana Heirloom
Jonquil, Imperial
Lace, Imperial
La Bella Rose, Imperial
Leaf, Imperial and Smith
LGW (Lausitzer Glas Werke)
Lily of the Valley, Fenton
Lily of the Valley, Summit
Loganberry, Imperial
Lovebirds, Fenton
Luster Corn
Mary Dugan
Mayflower Vase
Mermaid planter, Fenton
Milady, Fenton
"Mitered Ovals," Fenton
Moon and Stars, Smith
Octagon, Imperial
Ohio Star, Smith
Olde Virginia Glass, Fenton
Orchid Vase, Fenton
Patriot Planter, Fenton
Peacocks, Fenton
Poppy Show vases
Ripple, Imperial
Paneled Grape, Fenton
Sailboat and Seagull Vase
Seasons Vase
"Scroll Embossed," Fenton
Scroll and Flower Panels, Imperial
Shell and Dolphin vase
"Studs," Jeannette
Sundial, Imperial
Sunflower, Imperial
Swan vase
Swan three handle vase
Three Swans, Imperial
Tricorn, Imperial
Thumbprint and Ovals, Fenton
Tulip, Fenton
Waffle Block Vase, Imperial
Whirling Hobstar, Fenton
Whirling Star, Smith