Windmill Reissues, Imperial and Smith

Imperial reissued many of their original patterns, including Windmill. Successor companies continued the tradition and when those companies went out of business, the molds were purchased by other companies. So we can expect to see reproductions for years to come. The water sets are usually found with a clear frosted panel that shows the windmills--an effect called "sueded." I had not heard of Windmill milk pitchers in contemporary glass until 2009 when I received an email from someone who had purchased a purple example with an IG mark on eBay.

Blue plates will have been made by Imperial and marked with the "IG." They sell for $15 to $30.

Bowls in smoke with a three-in-one edge will be Imperial and can be found for $15 to $20.

Ruffled Bowls in cobalt, light blue, pink, amethyst, and red were made by Smith and usually have the "S" mark on the base. They can be found in the $15 to $20 range on ebay. In 2016, a red ruffled bowl sold for $30 and in 2017 one brought $15. In 2020, another red bowl sold for $40.

Water sets in marigold with sueded panels sell for about $50 though one brought $130 in 2016. Those with complete iridization bring up to $100. A pink set sold for $55 in 2016>

Tumblers in marigold with sueded panels sell for $10 to $15. Completely iridized tumblers (IG) are also known in marigold, blue, and smoke; marigold are worth about $5, other colors $10 the $15. A pink tumbler marked LIG sold on eBay in 2012 for $13.41.

Pitchers with complete iridization bring $20 to $30.

Oval trays, 9 1/2 inch in cobalt, were made by Imperial. They bring about $20 either at live auctions or ebay.

Here's an oddity--a hat made from a tumbler. The rim is pulled way down. I've not seen such a whimsey before in either classic or contemporary production. This one sold for $19 on ebay and is marked IG on the interior base.
Another unusual whimsey--a vase, 6 1/4 inches tall, made from a marigold tumbler. It sold for $200 in 2016.

Classic Windmill

Updated 7/8/2020