Panji Peacock Eye, Diamond Hearts vases, Jain

Other Jain vases:

Updated 7/7/2019

Jain made many small vases in a variety of patterns. The marigold 7-inch Panji Peacock on the left and the 5-inch Diamond Hearts are typical. Prices, when they sell, vary dramatically, especially on eBay. These both sold on eBay in 2005; the Panji Peacock for $51, the Diamond Hearts for $10 (with only one bid). Bear in mind that until about the year 2000, Jain items were considered rather exoctic. Then the market was flooded and prices dropped dramatically.

Here are a few listings from live and online auctions:

Panji Peacock Eye, 45 (2002), 25 (2015),
   15, 55 (both 2016)

Diamond Heart, 28 (2008), 6 (2012),
   10 (2014), 15 (2015), 10 (2016), 15 (2019)