Scroll and Flower Panels, Imperial

Updated 6/24/2021

Quite a rare vase--few have sold in recent years.

The one shown here is marigold; purple, clambroth, and smoke are also known. The website Carnival Heaven points out that the original vases had a star impressed on the base. They were reissued by Imperial. If the vase is flared or marked with an IG on the inside, it's one of the newer ones.

Hartung Book Eight: Scroll and Flower Panels

Marigold, 105, 160 (both 2016), 275 (2019), 175 (2020)

Purple, 8,500 (2006), 8,750 (2010), 3,100 (2020)

Smoke, 525 (2013), 1,100 (2018), 1,150 (2020)