Shell and Jewels, Westmoreland

Part of an early Westmoreland line called Victor, only the creamer and sugar have been found iridized. I don't think I've ever seen a set with the lids iridized, but Eric Solberg sent me a photo of his that was, indeed, iridized. The set shown here, in aqua, sold for $150 in 2002. Unfortunately, there were some nicks or it might well have brought more. Scarce pattern.

Hartung Book One: Shell and Jewel

Creamer and sugar set

Amethyst, 65 (1999)

Aqua, nicks, 150 (2002)

Green, 43 (2002), 10, 25 (both 2012), 20 (2013)

Marigold, 35 (1996), 35 (2002)

Updated 4/10/2017