Spector's Department Store, Fenton

Based on Fenton's Heart and Vine pattern, these are 9-inch marigold plates. The full lettering reads "Compliments of Spector's Department Store." Not as rare as many would think; I have 23 listed in my database as having sold in the last 4 years (as of July, 2015). Still, very desirable. Note that in 2000 and 2001, these frequently sold for more than $1,000.


Marigold, 150, 325, 375 (all 2020), 200, 300, 325, 400, 450, 475 (all 2021)

Fenton's Spector's Department Store plates were flattened from a bowl shape. Here's one, owned by Chuck Hollenbach, that didn't make it all the way down. Chuck notes that the top edge is 2 inches off the table.

Updated 9/28/2021