Spinning Star, Spinning Starlet, Karhula

Here are two very similar patterns by the Finnish glassmaker Karhula. Both patterns were produced in only one size (Spinning Star: 9-inch, and Spinning Starlet: 6-inch). Both patterns were produced in the same three top shapings: flared, spittoon-shaped, and rosebowl. Both patterns are shown in Karhula's 1934 catalog with a different pattern number for each top shaping. Thus far, Spinning Star vases have been found only in blue, with one example in marigold on milk glass (reported by Glen and Steve Thistlewood); Spinning Starlet vases are known in blue, marigold, and amber.

Spinning Star

Blue, 325 (2008), 425 (2010)

Blue, rosebowl, 145 (2016)

Blue, spittoon-shaped, 300 (2020)
Spinning Starlet

Blue, 325 (2004), 230 (2005, eBay)

Blue, flared, 155 (2007)

Blue, rosebowl, 225 (2016), 130 (2020)

Blue, spittoon-shaped, 80 (2020)

Marigold, spittoon-shaped, 75 (2005)

Updated 4/28/2021