Square Diamond, Brockwitz and Riihimaki

Updated 9/18/2029

This scarce vase has the typical ground base and lustrous iridescence of the German maker, Brockwitz. Although, Glen and Steve Thistlewood report in their Carnival Glass from Europe Encyclopedia that Riihimaki also made the pattern, using a different mould. The easiest way to distinguish between them is that the top of the Brockwitz version flares out slightly, as seen in the photograph; the Riihimaki version is absolutely straight up. The Brockwitz version is 8.5 inches high; the Riihimaki version is 7.75 inches high. See Glen and Steve Thistlewood's Riihimaki Carnival Glass for other subtle differences between the Brockwitz and Riihimaki versions.

Square Diamond (also called Column Flower) is one of three similar "square" vases; Regina Star and Schmalzie are the other two.

Vases 8.5-inch, Brockwitz, blue
600 (2002), 275, 450 (both 2005), 275 (2007), 475 (2015)

Vases 7.75-inch, Riihimaki, amber
amber reported