Sunflower and Diamond, Brockwitz, Eda
Brockwitz (left photo) made Sunflower and Diamond vases in three sizes: 9.25, 7.75, and 6.25 inches. The 9.25-inch size in marigold is the most often seen. There are currently two blue 9.25-inch examples known. Some 9.25-inch examples have an 18-point daisy on the marie of their 3.5-inch base, some have a smooth marie. Both the 7.75-inch and the 6.25-inch examples are seldom seen, and only in marigold thus far.

Eda (right photo) apparently made only one size: 7.75 inches. Glen and Stephen Thistlewood in their book, A Century of Carnival Glass, report that the flowers on the Brockwitz examples have 36 petals while the Eda versions have only 20. The Eda 7.75-inch examples are also seldom seen, found in marigold, purple, and blue thus far.

The vase was named Sunflower Diamond by Mrs. Hartung (VII-38). The Brockwitz examples were, surprisingly, part of their Marguerite (aka Asters) pattern line. The Eda pattern name for their examples was Solros.

Hartung Book Seven: Sunflower Diamond

Blue (Eda), 7--7 3/4 inch, 225 (2012), 70 (2016), 100 (2020)

Marigold, 9--91/2 inch, 30 (2019), 50, 65 (both 2020), 30, 35, 50, 80 (all 2021)

Purple, 7 1/2--8 inch, 275 (2009), 240 (2012), 425 (2016)

Updated 8/24/2021