The two tomahawks on the left both have the Degenhart mark--a "D" in a heart. However, it's unlikely they were made by the company owned by Elizabeth Degenhart--although the molds may have been hers. The larger, 7 1/4 inches long, and has an image of an American Indian on the blade. It's cobalt and worth $15 to $20. The smaller, 3 3/4 inches long, has simulated bindings around the top and handle. They are found in red, blue, amber, pink, and other colors. Not worth more than $15.

On the right is a tomahawk made by Gibson. They have the Gibson mark on the hammer end of the blade. This one is violet glass, about 7 inches long, and is also signed by Gibson with the number 46. Dorothy Taylor also had these made for her Encore club. Worth about $20.

In 2022, a blue hatchet by Gibson sold for $30.

Updated 3/4/2022