A Survey of Contemporary Toothpick Holders
Very few toothpick holders were made during the classic Carnival Glass era though a lot were made from the 1960s onward. The examples shown below are all contemporary. Many sell in the $10 to $15 range--though a few are very desirable and bring quite a bit more. Still, a group of these can make a very interesting collection.

Three-in-One, Imperial, green common, reported in amber, amethyst, ice blue; $10-$15

Octagon, Imperial, green, ice green, purple, smoke, marigold, ice blue, pink; $10-$15 (also found in non-iridized slag colors)

Diamond, Imperial, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) only, $15-$20

Fashion, red, Imperial, $20-$30
Smith; pink, white or clear, blue, $10-$15

Top Hat, Imperial, Aurora Jewels (cobalt) only; $15-$20

Cornucopia, Imperial, ice green, also in pink and ice blue; $10-$15

Wreathed Cherry. St. Clair, marigold, green, blue; $10-$15. Hansen signed, red; $100-$200

Nautilus, Summit, green, marigold, blue, purple; $10-$15. Unknown maker, peach opal, $84 (eBay 2004)

Grape and Cable, Mosser. Actually part of a miniature sugar and creamer set, no longer being made, purple; $15-$20

Chrysanthemum Sprig, Summit, purple, red, vaseline; $15-$20

Maple Leaf, similar to Dugan's pattern but not old, amethyst, $13 (eBay 2004)

S-Repeat, based on old Dugan design but not old, some St. Clair, mostly amethyst, also marigold, $13-$18

Paneled, green with marigold overlay, $39 (eBay 2004)

Inverted Fan and Feather, found in blue, marigold, purple and green; $10-$15. Summit, some by St. Clair. White, $124 (eBay 2004)

Forget-me-not (Vermont), Boyd, amethyst, celeste blue, white, and pink; $12-$18

Inverted Strawberry, blue; $10-$15

Inverted Strawberry, blue; $10-$15

Cactus, red, not marked, $17 (eBay 2004); aqua opal, Fenton for Levay, $16-$22

Gypsy Pot, Boyd, celeste, $15-$20

Moon and Stars, Smith, amethyst, $10-$15

Strawberry, Fenton, amber, amethyst, blue, red, moonstone, slag, $15-$20

Paneled Daisy, Fenton, amethyst, $15-$20

Aztec, Fenton, purple, pink, blue, $10-$15

Hobnail, Fenton, amethyst, made in 1980 only, $15-$20

OVG Daisy and Buttons, Fenton, purple, $15-$20

Buttons and Arches, Fenton, blue, $20 (1999)

Holly Band, St Clair or Summitt, amberina ($30), celeste blue, green, purple, marigold; $12-$18

Kingfisher, St. Clair, cobalt; $15-$25

Bicentennial (square), St. Clair, red or blue, $15-$25

Bicentennial (round), St. Clair, some Bob and Maude, some Maude, various colors, $10-$15

Owl, blue, St. Clair for NCCCG, $40 (1999)

Owl, green, Bob St. Clair, $20 (1999)

Witches Head, celeste, St. Clair, $15 (1999)

Indian Head, in a variety of colors, some by St. Clair, some by others; $10-$15

Sheaf of Wheat, Bob and Maude St. Clair, pink, red, chocolate slag, blue, white, $15 to $20

Four Seventy Four, blue, St. Clair, $10

Santa, red or purple, $60-$70 on ebay

Glass Festival, 1972, Elwood, Indiana, St Clair.

St. Clair Grand opening 1972, marigold, coabalt, $10-$15

Three Swans, green, St. Clair, $30-40. Also found in other colors, not St. Clair, $10-$15

Eye Winker, red, LG Wright blank, Robert Hansen, $105 (1996), $40 (2017)

Banded Cigars, teal souvenir of Wheeling WV, Robert Hansen, $145 (1996)

Tree Stump, red, Robert Hansen, $60 (1998), $30, $80 (2017)

Inverted Thumbprint, teal, Robert Hansen, $125 (1996)

Rabbit with basket, Ron Hansen, amethyst, $35 (2001), $25 (2017), red $75 (2017)

Long Thumbprint, cobalt, signed Degenhart blank, Robert Hansen, $75 (1996)

Inverted Strawberry, red, Near Cut signed Bennett blank, Robert Hansen, $130 (1996)

Owl, Robert Hansen, amber, $105 (2017), green, $155 (1996), teal, $100 (2017)

Paneled, amethyst, Ron Hansen, $21 (2001)

Heart, amethyst, Robert Hansen, $75 (1999). Also found in celeste by Boyd, $10-$15

Gypsy Pot, red, Ron Hansen, $35 (2001), $50 (2017)

Turkey, red, maybe Ron Hansen, $18 (2001), $100 (2017), amethyst, $35 (2017)., $25 (2022) Also made by Mosser in blue, amethyst, amberina and teal or celeste, $10-$15

Daisy and Button, Smith (not all marked), amethyst and blue, $10-$15; red, $15-$20; marigold, $5-$10

Daisy and Button, blue and green, Mosser, $10-$15, Ice Blue, Mosser, $20.

Daisy and Button top hat, red, green, $10-$15

Boot, blue, ice blue (IG), vaseline (ALIG) by Summit, $10-$15

Horse and Leaves, probably Smith from Westmoreland mold, amberina, celeste, and probably other colors, $10-$15

Betsy Ross, amethyst and blue, $10-$15

Tramp shoe, cobalt, $13 (1999)

Doghouse, amethyst, Westmoreland mark but made by Summit, $10-$15

Dog's head, purple, blue, green and probably other colors, $10-$15

Saddle, amethyst, $10-$12

Uncle Sam hat, Westmoreland mark, $10-$15

Double elephant head, Summit. Probably a matchholder rather than toothpick. Blue, purple, lavender and probably other colors, $10-$15

Indian Chief, celeste, $10-$15

Covered Wagon, green, $10-$15

Boston Baked Beans, blue, $15-$20

Diamond Quilt, blue, red, $10-$15

Beaded Ovals, purple and celeste, $15-$20

Saratoga, Bennett mold, red and blue, $10-$15

Degenhart Museum, white, $11 (1999)

Unknown pattern, 1976 THCS RW/JK on bottom, blue; $27 (eBay 2004)

Michigan, Hansen, red, $105, blue, $45 (both 2017)

Oneida, Robert Hansen, red, $40, green, $45 (both 2017)

Updated 6/11/2022